Housing Providers Join New Alameda Transportation Management Association

By July 5, 2017Uncategorized

The City of Alameda recently announced plans to improve transportation on and off the island by forming the Alameda Transportation Management Association (Alameda TMA). The organization, which includes representatives from Alameda businesses, non profits, homeowners associations and new housing providers, is charged with creating more transportation choices in Alameda and will coordinate transportation services along the Northern Waterfront and Alameda Point.

“We already are seeing the benefits to Alamedans with the reinstatement of AC Transit’s Line 19, taking residents from the Northern Waterfront to Webster Street and to BART in Oakland,” said Mike O’Hara, Director of Land for Tim Lewis Communities/Star Harbor Alameda, the developer of the Del Monte Warehouse 48 and Encinal Terminals. O’Hara joins the TMA as Chairman of the Board.

“We know that traffic is a top concern of Alameda residents. As we provide more housing for those who live and work on the island, we also are committed to providing real transit solutions. The Alameda TMA aims to provide a seamless, interconnected transit network that will link together Alameda’s unique neighborhoods with local and regional public transportation.”

The Alameda TMA plans to expand as more housing and mixed-use communities are added, creating an even more robust, streamlined transit network that includes both land and water shuttles.

For more information, visit the Alameda TMA website:

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